About Us

Matrix Hormones was created by the desire to give patients the best and most thorough care possible. We began our journey working for others but the more we learned, the more it became clear that we needed to create our own practice in order to give our patients the best care we could.

We have fine tuned our programs with the experience we gained through years of treating patients with hormonal imbalances. We understand that medicine looks different through the eyes of the patient and we pride ourselves on being an approachable, kind, and understanding medical practice.

We expect our patients to be involved in their care and encourage them to follow these 3 pieces of advice when they begin their journey with us.

  • Speak up – As Sir William Osler famously once said, “Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis.”

  • Share your health challenges – The more you share with us, the better we are at treating your symptoms.

  • Remember that we are here for YOU 


We are highly-trained and experienced in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men, as well as and adrenal therapy. We use a comprehensive approach including nutrition, diet, fitness, and supplements in addition to hormone replacement therapy to keep you active, happy, and feeling your best at all times.

EMILIO PEREZMedical Director
Dr. Perez has over 20 years in the medical field completing extensive training, specializing in hormone replacement (Testosterone, Estrogens, Progesterone, Thyroid, Adrenal, etc), weight loss, nutrition as well as men’s sexual dysfunction issues.
Dr. Perez has been practicing medicine since 1998. He is trained in conventional medicine as well as multiple alternative modalities. He combines the best of Western and Eastern medicine, with diet and lifestyle plans to help each patient feel younger and achieve their health and wellness goals. Dr. Perez uses a holistic approach that thoroughly understands each patient’s needs before developing a treatment plan.
KENNETH MARPLEWellness Specialist
Company Co-Founder Ken Marple is our Endocrine, Advanced Care & Wellness Professional. He is a father, a grandfather, a research enthusiast, and a wellness advocate with over 12 years of professional experience in anti-aging research, training and correction of hormonal imbalances. He is responsible for designing and implementing customized medical, wellness, preventative & anti-aging programs to increase our patient’s overall health and longevity.

Ken helps men and women recapture the vitality and good health of their youth by addressing and treating the underlying imbalances that perpetuate illnesses within the body. He focuses on applying proactive treatments that are designed to correct the root cause of the problem, therefore, eliminating the vanity symptoms that accompany it. Some of the treatments he uses focus on Hormone Replacement Therapy, Low Testosterone Treatment, Nutraceutical Supplementation, and Advanced Anti-Aging Medicine.
Ken’s main goal is not only treating the medical conditions reflected by the numbers on the lab results but also the symptoms expressed by the patient & achieving patient goals for optimum quality of life.

Some of the medical, anti-aging and wellness treatments that are offered at Matrix Hormones include:

Low T / Bio-IdenticleTestosterone Treatment for Men (creams, injections, & re-stimulation of testee’s for natural production)

Vitamin, Antioxidant, Amino Acid & Nutritional Supplementation (Injection, Sub-lingual & Oral)

Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

Correcting Thyroid Disorders

Auto-Immune Diseases

Nutritional Rebalancing & Supplementation

Diet, Training & Weight loss

We don’t treat labs, we treat the patient.

About Matrix Hormones Health Values

Matrix Hormones specializes in helping you regain optimal health by providing hormone therapy to replenish the naturally-occurring biochemistry your body needs to function properly, as well as preventative medicine, nutritional, dietary, fitness, weight loss, and overall health guidance.

The word Promise holds Matrix Hormones to a standard. It means that our top priority is treating your safety, health, and well-being as the most important part of your care.