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Is Hormone Replacement Therapy something that you’re considering? Changes certainly occur as your body ages, but because these changes are commonly exaggerated and reinforced by numerous retellings, many people mistake symptoms of hormone imbalance for the side effects of aging. However, if your drop in energy levels, muscle fatigue, or lack of mental clarity has become steadily pronounced over the short span of a year, you are likely only experiencing a hormone imbalance. Too many Land O’ Lakes residents attribute their mental and bodily decline to aging when, in fact, a hormone imbalance is the source. Additionally, some people are under the misperception that being in your 40’s and 50’s makes you old. Quite to the contrary, the reality is that you should still have the majority of your strength and mental clarity. You are too young to be experiencing symptoms such as these:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Memory loss
  • Energy loss
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Unexplained fat increase
  • Weakened Muscles
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Depression
  • Loss of body hair
  • Loss of facial hair (in men)
  • Decreased bone density

These symptoms are not normal, and you deserve to be restored to full health. At Matrix Hormones, we delve straight to the root of the problem. We do a full workup assessing hormone levels in your blood, factoring in your lifestyle, and investigating the possible causes of your symptoms. Analysis of this data allows our doctors to tailor a treatment plan unique to your needs. Unlike other clinics that offer patients pre-packaged hormone replacement therapy treatments, our doctors’ individualized treatment plans will work better for you because they target the specific deficiencies your body is experiencing. Never satisfied with merely “better,” our doctors chart the decline in your symptoms, make adjustments to your formula, and remain unsatisfied until your formula is giving you the maximum results possible. Your symptoms shouldn’t only decline, they should diminish so significantly that they aren’t even noticed. You should be back to being your fully energetic, sharp-witted, fun-loving self again.

Hormone Replacement Therapy | Matrix Hormones

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

And You Can’t Afford to Pay an Arm and a Leg

Our doctors know that numerous people never seek help for their symptoms not because they don’t need it, but because they don’t think they can afford it.  At most clinics, this prediction would be well-founded, but the doctors of Matrix Hormones knew that there is a better way. They took a hard look at the cost of serums and discovered that about half of the cost was due to medical distributer markups.  Seeking to circumvent such extreme price hikes, our doctors sought out direct relationships with reputable manufacturers known for using only the highest quality, most effective ingredients. Purchasing our serums straight from the manufacturer allows us to pass along tremendous savings to each and every patient.  Our patients enjoy prices that are nearly 50% less than other local clinics charge. Usually prices this low would indicate an inferior product, but in the case of Matrix Hormones, you are actually receiving a better product, one using only the best ingredients and one tailored specifically to your body type, blood work, and lifestyle.  Call today to start feeling your best for less.

Therefore, neither are your treatments the same. Instead of following a flow chart typically used in clinics to determine which pre-packaged treatment plan will work best for you, our doctors tailor your treatments to meet your body’s unique needs. Just as artists are not satisfied with their work after a single sitting, neither are our doctors. Accordingly, we carefully chart your symptoms and make adjustments to your treatment plan until its effects are maximized. For better treatments at lower prices from doctors who recognize the masterpiece within you, Matrix Hormones is the only choice for you.

Why Patients Choose Matrix Hormones:

  • Reasonable Pricing – nearly half of what is charged by other hormone replacement therapy clinics.
  • Individual Treatment Plans – your treatments are tailored to your needs, bloodwork, and body type.
  • High Quality Products – all of our injections are make with quality ingredients that have the highest rate of absorption into the body.
  • Mail Service Treatments – once a treatment plan is in place, you can elect to have injections mailed to your home and self-administered so you aren’t beholden to appointment schedules.

Put Your Health in Your Hands

Once your serum has been adjusted to maximize your results, you will be offered the convenience of self-administering your treatments with our home delivery option.  Our staff will teach you how to self-administer so that you are comfortable with the process. If this option is appealing to you, you can then unshackle yourself from the frequent clinic visits that use up your precious time, and start enjoying the energy and vitality that has been restored. 

Male HRT Services:

Female HRT Services:

The Matrix Hormones Promise To You

Compassionate Care

To us, you aren’t just another patient

Not only do we take care of our patients, but we also care for our patients. Caring starts with listening. We listen to you to ensure we understand what your concerns are and what symptoms your body is experiencing. Then we develop a safe, natural plan to replace your hormonal imbalances. Also, we provide concierge-inspired service to keep your experience with us as effortless as possible for yourself and your loved ones.

Hands-On Experience

Industry-Leading Knowledge

With over 30 years’ combined experience in occupational medicine, preventative medicine, endocrine medicine, advanced care, and wellness. We combine the best of eastern and western medicine plus holistic and natural solutions to identify, prevent, treat and reverse age-related diseases. This approach restores your body back to a youthful, energetic condition using natural and safe hormone therapy.

Great Pricing

Upfront Disclosure

Due to our long-standing relationships with select manufacturers, we bypass distributors, thereby passing tremendous savings along to our patients. Also, we tell you upfront what our services cost and what you’ll receive in return for them. Consequently, there are no surprises, hidden costs or additional fees, just savings.

Accessible Doctors

Timely Callbacks

You will have direct access to our experienced doctors who return calls personally as soon as they receive the message. This often results in same-day communication.

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Land ‘O Lakes, Fl has been a bustling community since the early 1990’s. So much so that it has absorbed former towns like Denham, Ehren, and Gowers Corner. New schools have built, businesses established, and new residences created all in a relatively short period of time. From its humble beginnings in 1980 with just over 4500 people to the last census in 2010 of about 32,000 people, Land ‘O Lakes is definitely one of the up and communities in the Tampa Bay area.

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