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One Size Does Not Fit All

Whether suffering from low libido, fatigue, or muscle loss, your symptoms won’t go away on their own. You deserve the most effective hormone replacement therapy treatments available. While some HRT clinics have pre-set treatment options they offer to all of their patients, our Tampa doctors specifically tailor treatments to meet your needs, bloodwork, and body type. Pre-set treatment plans will only make your symptoms more bearable, but you don’t want to simply lessen your symptoms—you want them to go away completely.

Hormone Replacement Therapy | Matrix Hormones

Personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy Plans

When you choose Matrix Hormones and receive individualized treatment plans, the symptoms you hoped to rid yourself of will disappear, and symptoms you mistook as permanent consequences of age will plague you no more. You’ll regain energy thought lost with your youth. You’ll experience steadier, happier moods. Your mental acuity will sharpen, and your memory will improve. You’ll begin enjoying all life has to offer again. Patients who have been treated at Matrix Hormones readily attest to the effectiveness of the individualized treatment programs. Don’t settle for the one-size-fits-all treatment plans other clinics offer. When it comes to your health, you need a treatment plan designed to work for you. Contact Matrix Hormones to discover what our HRT doctors can do for you.

Effective HRT Treatments

Reasonable Prices

As valuable as our personalized treatment plans are, these plans aren’t the only reason our patients choose us over other clinics. We’ve done something no other clinic in Tampa has attempted. Our doctors made a pact to put all of our patients’ needs first, both physically and financially. As a result, we not only provide the best individualized treatment options available, but we also found a way to dramatically reduce the financial burden on patients.

Eliminating the Middle Man

Saves You Money

To correct this situation, our doctors reviewed the expenses associated with procurement. They discovered that the largest part of the costs for the treatments came directly from the medical distributors acting as middle men in the supply chain. So, our HRT doctors did what no other doctors in Tampa have even considered: they severed ties with the medical distributors and cultivated relationships directly with reputable manufacturers. Ensuring that these manufacturers used only the most effective and high-quality ingredients in their formulas, our doctors began purchasing from them at wholesale prices. These savings were then passed on to our patients allowing them to save almost half of what would be spent at other Tampa HRT clinics.

Why Patients Choose Matrix Hormones:

  • Reasonable Pricing – nearly half of what is charged by other clinics.
  • Individual Treatment Plans – your treatments are tailored to your needs, bloodwork, and body type.
  • High Quality Products – all of our injections are make with quality ingredients that have the highest rate of absorption into the body.
  • Mail Service Treatments – once a treatment plan is in place, you can elect to have injections mailed to your home and self-administered so you aren’t beholden to appointment schedules.

Proven Success

in Hormone Replacement Therapy

We specialize in treatments for males and females afflicted with symptoms large and small. Males with symptoms including low testosterone, low libido, muscle weakness, low confidence, memory loss, trouble sleeping, or moodiness have all found relief through the tailored treatments we offer. Females have been rejuvenated and no longer complain of fatigue, memory issues, low sex drive, hot flashes, mood swings, increased body fat, or vaginal dryness. There’s no reason why you should continue on with any of these symptoms either. Matrix Hormones will tailor treatments that meet your needs, reduce your ailments, and rejuvenate your body. You can be restored to full health and your former self. Our doctors place your needs first and are ever only a phone call away. Begin your journey with us today and count yourself among the many happy and satisfied patients we’ve helped. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options.

Male HRT Services:

Female HRT Services:

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The Matrix Hormones Promise To You

Compassionate Care

To us, you aren’t just another patient

Not only do we take care of our patients, but we also care for our patients. Caring starts with listening. We listen to you to ensure we understand what your concerns are and what symptoms your body is experiencing. Then we develop a safe, natural plan to replace your hormonal imbalances. Also, we provide concierge-inspired service to keep your experience with us as effortless as possible for yourself and your loved ones.

Hands-On Experience

Industry-Leading Knowledge

With over 30 years’ combined experience in occupational medicine, preventative medicine, endocrine medicine, advanced care, and wellness. We combine the best of eastern and western medicine plus holistic and natural solutions to identify, prevent, treat and reverse age-related diseases. This approach restores your body back to a youthful, energetic condition using natural and safe hormone therapy.

Great Pricing

Upfront Disclosure

Due to our long-standing relationships with select manufacturers, we bypass distributors, thereby passing tremendous savings along to our patients. Also, we tell you upfront what our services cost and what you’ll receive in return for them. Consequently, there are no surprises, hidden costs or additional fees, just savings.

Accessible Doctors

Timley Callbacks

You will have direct access to our experienced doctors who return calls personally as soon as they receive the message. This often results in same-day communication.

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