Semaglutide Starter Program Level 1


Semaglutide Starter Program – Level 1 (Options range from 7 to 19 weeks based on standard titration.)

*This program is for new patients or patients who have taken a break from Semaglutide but are ready to restart*


This program is designed for individuals just beginning their weight management journey with semaglutide, as well as those who have previously used semaglutide but have taken an extended break and wish to restart. It provides a gentle introduction or reintroduction to semaglutide by starting at a low dose and gradually increasing for optimal results.

The program offers four different vial strengths to choose from, providing flexibility based on your specific needs. The higher the vial strength, the longer the program will last, making it more cost-effective for those committed to long-term progress.


  • On-going check-ins and Support
  • Choose between 4 programs
  • Supplies are included in the cost
  • Free Shipping for most states (Free shipping not available in AL, AR, CA, MS, ID, KY, MT, NE, SC, WV)


Program Overview:
The Semaglutide Starter Program – Level 1 is specifically tailored for individuals beginning their weight management journey or those restarting semaglutide after a hiatus. This program offers a range of vial strengths, each providing a different duration and titration schedule tailored to your needs. The higher the vial strength, the longer the duration, allowing for extended management and cost-effectiveness.

Choose from Five Options:

1. 2.5mg Vial (7-Week Program)

  • Price: $279.00

  • Description:
    Start or restart your journey with the 2.5mg vial, which provides a 7-week supply. This option is perfect for those seeking a shorter program duration with a gentle introduction to semaglutide.

    Key Benefits:

    • Suitable for starting or restarting semaglutide treatment
    • Seven-week supply, ideal for initial titration
    • Cost-effective entry into weight management

2. 5mg Vial (10-Week Program)

  • Price: $420.00

  • Description:
    Embark on your weight management path with the 5mg vial, offering a 10-week supply. This mid-range option balances duration with dosage to support steady progress.

    Key Benefits:

    • Ten-week supply for sustained treatment
    • Ideal balance between duration and dosage for ongoing progress
    • Great for those ready for a moderate commitment

4. 10mg Vial (14-Week Program)

  • Price: $536

  • Description:
    Advance your weight management efforts with the 10mg vial, providing a 14-week supply. This choice is excellent for those desiring a longer-term approach with a substantial dose.

    Key Benefits:

    • Fourteen-week supply for more comprehensive coverage
    • Ideal for those looking for a longer treatment period with higher dosage
    • Enhances long-term weight management goals

5. 20mg Vial (19-Week Program)

  • Price: $899.00

  • Description:
    Maximize your weight management strategy with the 20mg vial, lasting for 19 weeks. This is our most extensive and cost-effective option, designed for individuals committed to the longest duration and maximum dosage benefits.

    Key Benefits:

    • Nineteen-week supply for the longest duration
    • Most cost-effective per week, ideal for committed individuals
    • Supports extensive and sustained weight management efforts

Additional information


Suppression of Appetite: Reduces cravings and appetite, leading to reduced caloric intake.
Comparable to Surgery: Effects on weight loss are comparable to stomach bypass surgery.
Enhances the secretion of insulin to normalize blood sugar levels.
Lowers the release of glucagon, reducing hunger.
Slow Gastric Emptying: Prolongs the feeling of fullness by slowing the emptying of the stomach.
Decrease Cravings: Helps in reducing cravings for sweet, salty, and fatty foods.

Once-a-Week Injection: Can be administered through a once-weekly injection.

Side Effects

Side Effect Management

GI Side Effect Mitigation: Gradual dose escalation can minimize gastrointestinal side effects like nausea and constipation.


2.5MG Vial of Semaglutide, 5MG Vial of Semaglutide, 7.5 MG Vial of Semaglutide, 10MG Vial of Semaglutide, 20MG Vial of Semaglutide

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