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Compounded Semaglutide Program

Experience Advanced Weight Loss: Feel satisfied, drop pounds, and make it last.

$260/MONTH  *3-month commitment with flexible monthly payments. 


Over 5,000 programs sold!


How It Works:

A complete kit delivered right to your door

Step 1: Subscribe to the program and make your first monthly payment.

Step 2: Complete the intake form so our medical provider can review your medical history to make sure there are no contradictions.

Step 3: A 3 month program is delivered directly to your home address. *( The first payment serves as a down payment for a full three-month supply, which is sent upfront. Subsequent payments in months 2 and 3 complete the cost, with no additional medication shipped.)

Step 4: Our subscription service will automatically run the 2nd and 3rd installment payment over the next two months. 

Step 5: After your 3 month program, you can reenroll in a new subscription to continue your treatment. *Please note that the length of time future subscriptions last will depend on your current dosing regimen.

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Compounded Semaglutide


Start Strong: Receive 10mg Upfront

Kickstart your weight loss journey with a robust 10mg of Semaglutide upfront, as part of your first monthly payment. Get your body acclimated to the medication right from the start, setting the stage for effective and sustained weight loss.

Easy Installment Plans

Worried about cost? Our flexible payment options allow you to spread your payments over two additional monthly installments. Manage your budget while you manage your weight.

Clinically Proven Weight Loss

Semaglutide is not just another weight loss medication; it has been clinically proven to significantly reduce weight.

Nutritional Guidance

Food is a major player in any weight loss program. We offer you food recommendations tailored to work in synergy with Semaglutide. This ensures that you're fueling your body in a way that complements the medication and advances your weight loss goals.

Free Shipping, Directly to Your Door

Convenience is key, which is why we offer free shipping on all our packages. Receive your Semaglutide and kit supplies without having to step out of your house.

Quality You Can Trust

Rest assured, the Semaglutide you receive is sourced exclusively from 503A and 503B compounding pharmacies with whom we have long-standing relationships. These specialized pharmacies adhere to stringent federal guidelines, ensuring both the quality and safety of your medication. Our established partnerships underscore our commitment to providing only the highest quality products for our patients.

Additional Benefits

Semaglutide doesn’t just offer weight loss; it has shown to have positive effects on cardiovascular health and glycemic control. It’s more than a weight loss program; it’s a step towards overall well-being.

By enrolling in our Semaglutide program, you are investing in a proven, comprehensive, and medically supervised approach to weight loss.

Experience the Future of Weight Loss, Today!