Hormone Replacement Testimonials

This is my third clinic for Low T treatment. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE. The other clinics were more of a mass patient clinic, more in & out then trying to fix the needs of the patients. Matrix Hormones on the other hand took their time to really talk to you, listen and find out your needs. Awesome staff. They not only explain everything & take care of you but follow up to make sure everything is going is going good with you. The Doctor & Ken are extremely knowledgeable. Arianna & Crystian are a great support staff. If you have an issue or symptoms, they work until it is fixed & make sure you understand the process. I highly recommend this clinic.

Vince C.

They are amazing! Ken is the sweetest and so helpful. The doctor is very kind, helpful, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Matrix Hormones. Thank you so much Team Matrix!!

Tammy W.

I’m 45 years old & went in feeling 60 years old. 4 weeks later I feel 30 years old again. I was very hesitant on replacing my hormones, but they explained everything really well & made me feel confidant in my decision. I researched numerous clinics & called around. By far they were the best service & really good prices.


Great Company. I have been to several other clinics that were more interested in selling you things then listening & fixing the issues. Most didn’t really understand my issues because women’s hormones are much more complicated than men’s. The Matrix staff did a great job of listening, reviewing my labs & balancing me. Their customer support team, especially Arianna was awesome.


These guys saved me. Another clinic had me totally imbalanced & had shut down my sperm production leaving my wife & myself devastated since we wanted a baby. They got my Testosterone & Estrogen rebalanced & I started feeling so much better in 3-4 weeks but more importantly they regained my fertility. Expecting in 6 months. Thank You Matrix Team!!


I can’t say enough good things about this company & team. After my last child my hormones & weight went crazy. I tried everything & had hit a wall. I am back to my prebaby weight & feeling great again. Even got my sex drive back. Yay!!


I definitely recommend Matrix Hormones. They made the process very easy & comfortable. Explained everything from start to finish. I feel so much better & more like my younger self.


These guys know how to fix hormones. I came from another clinic a total mess. They explained everything in detail & got me straightened out quick. Feeling great!!


Great Service & treatment at a very fair price. High quality products.


Excellent, professional service. Explained thoroughly. Felt better almost immediately. Highly recommend.