Lipotropic M.I.C and B12

$210.00 every 2 months

Lipotropic(MIC) and B12 Injection HOMEKIT. Includes a 30ml vial of M.I.C and B12 with injection supplies.



Lipotropic compounds are synergistic blends of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals designed to optimize fat metabolism. When integrated with a balanced diet and consistent exercise, these injections can amplify fat breakdown, magnifying your weight loss outcomes.

These compounds not only turbocharge your metabolism but also elevate your energy levels, enabling more intense and prolonged workouts. Specifically, lipotropics target and dissolve fat accumulations, especially within the liver. Crafted from a mix of vital nutrients and vitamins, these injections stimulate liver function, kick off metabolic activities, and zero in on stubborn fat. In addition, they foster lean muscle growth, elevate mood, and even impart a lustrous sheen to your hair.

Most lipotropic injections center around the “MIC” trio: methionine, inositol, and choline. This powerful combination facilitates toxin removal, supercharges energy, and rejuvenates metabolism.

Methionine An indispensable amino acid, Methionine needs to be sourced from dietary intake. Its antioxidant properties are pivotal in the decomposition of fats. As a sulfur-rich amino acid, Methionine bolsters skin suppleness and fortifies hair and nails.

Inositol Representing the “I” in MIC, Inositol augments the immune system and tends to curtail cholesterol. Certain medical studies link inositol with hastened weight loss and effective fat reduction.

Choline Fundamental for optimal liver activity, Choline assists in dismantling fat accumulations by facilitating fat transportation out of the liver. Beyond this, it amplifies blood circulation and hones memory, mood, and cognitive command. As noted by the FDA, the majority fall short of the daily choline intake recommendations, leading to potential risks like muscle and liver damage and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

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